Don’t be afraid of the workshop

One of the best ways to get valuable insight into your writing is to have it workshopped. I had the luxury of going through this during the creative writing classes I took in college.

For those not in school, there are community book stores and book groups that will hold workshops. I’m sure there are some forums out there where you can get that to happen (I tried to get it working on here, but no one wanted to submit.) One place that might be useful, though I haven’t spent much time looking through the community stuff, is scribd. That’s what I’ve been using whenever I post Word documents on here and it seems like a cool site worth checking out.

Now, the reason for my title. While I considered the workshops fortunate, some of my classmates showed immediate apprehension. They were nervous to let others read their stories, maybe of fear of people not liking them. Some people tend to have issues taking criticism. Whichever the reason, if you’re afraid of workshops, stop now. To truly be a great writer, you have to let others read you.

take a seat and join the discussion

take a seat and join the discussion

*People in picture might not be discussing fiction, but they totally should be.