Mourn for the journalists

The people on the other side of fiction, those guys, yeah, they haven’t been doing so well lately. In a way, you could say that the book publishing industry has been suffering a very slow death at the hands of Americans that are too lazy to read now.

But the internet has called for the heads of the new industry now. As writers, I think we should be a concerned. As a journalism major, I’m very concerned. There is a never-ending debate about their future. A one Warren Buffet, pretty much the most celebrated CEO in America right now, said he wouldn’t invest a cent into the news industry, ouch.

Soon, there are going to be big markets with no newspaper to serve them. New England and San Fransisco are close. And so is my own Baltimore. Not a good feeling to be a writer and know other writers are being treated like this.

Let’s give a moment to the journalists out there. Professional writing isn’t such a hot skill these days. Keep your chins up.