Blast from the past

I wasn’t always a smarty-pants know-it-all when it came to fiction. No no. I went through plenty of stages of learning, most of them trial and error, to get to a point where I felt comfortable about talking about fiction with some slight authority. And that is why it gives me great pleasure to present a public showing of the first short story I wrote way back when in my first creative writing class in college.

First I just have to fire up my old computer to get the file.

The old girl isnt doing to well.

The old girl isn't doing to well.

But that’s okay, I got what I needed. Enjoy:


Sharing is Caring

And that being said, I thought I would share a work in progress. The goal for this one is to sit comfortably around 10 pages, but here is an early preview.

Call for fiction

Just like how I posted one of my own stories, I’d like to post some submitted stories as well.

Since this is a not for profit site, and hardly a publication, this could be a great place for a public workshop. Just in the format that I put my story up (and the great comments I got) I think it would be a great experience to do this with other people’s stories.

So leave me a comment or shoot me an email with an attachment and I can start posting some stories.

Fiction by Request

Ask and you shall receive. Writing fiction for myself can be a difficult process. I have a bad tendancy to dislike something three or four pages into it. I am currently working on a piece but it’s been taking longer and longer. This go on and on, but anyway here is a story I finished writing about a semester or two ago. I have my issues with it, in fact I don’t even have a title, but I do think this is a decent story.

Maybe you guys can add a title for me. Also, please bring on the criticism. You can only become a better writer by opening yourself up to the criticism of others. Enjoy.

Also, if anyone has any stories of their own they would like to “submit” to my blog I will gladly post them. Having online workshops placed between my posts would be pretty awesome. Pretty awesome indeed.