So you think you’re funny?

There exists a plane on the internet where all things come together like a really complicated Megazord with autism. I’m of course talking about internet comedy. The lines of fiction and non-fiction are blurred considerably in the efforts of getting a laugh. I think it’s still worth mentioning here, because fiction does not always have to be so serious. Trust me, I’m looking for any opportunity I can get to make a smartass joke.

So that being said, here are a few sites that do a lot of writing and like to consider themselves funny.


Hideous and confusing site, I know. But seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Somewhere buried throughout the site are stories he co-wrote with his friends about ridiculous adventures they went on that may or may not be true. If you have the time to get into it (the articles are long) it’s totally worth it.


All that’s left of the magazine that used to be a knock-off of “Mad.” Not only are they funny, but pretty damn interesting. Most of the articles are lists, usually full of unusual or interesting information you never knew before (with citation, so you know it’s fairly legit).


Former rulers of comedy on the internet, now pretty meh. They try to make fun of everything, movie and game reviews, new music, people on Youtube, whatever they can get. For actual funny stuff, look up the old pranks, the old fashion swat and some of the old stories hidden in their archives.


What started as a way for two friends to share funny stuff when they went to different colleges has turned into the new king of internet comedy. College students make their way to the site and homework never gets done. You have been warned.

I heard that a few years ago, the guy that writes this blog once tried his hand at being funny online. Wonder how that went.


Something for bloggers and readers

It seems like useful links just keep showering me today. Must be all the rain I’ve been experiencing lately.

Since I am a blogger that uses wordpress and lives in Baltimore, this conference looks pretty interesting. I might just sign up for twitter just to find out what’s going on there.

I noticed a lot of people end up here for the article I wrote about Hidden City Quarterly, and that is pretty exciting. I spoke with the editors and they’re excited to know people are searching for them so much. So I thought you might like to know they have a new issue out. I’m loving the cover, check it out:

Lit Mag find

I found another good literary magazine site. Pretty straightforward on the name and content: Best Online Literary Magazines.

What’s up with writers being so bad at design? No offence to them, since I’m using their site and I do like the content, but nowadays any jerk can get a decent looking WordPress theme (self-reference humor).