Writers and design

Through my tenure writing this blog, I’ve dug my way around the internet trying to find useful and interesting websites that I would think other writers would appreciate. The one thing I can never seem to get over though, is the horrible, amateur looking designs that many of them employ.

I already picked on Pif and a few of the databases for being bad, but the more online literary magazine I try and read, the more annoyed I get at the bad design.

The Mad Hatter’s Review might just be one of the ugliest websites I have ever seen. I know they have good content. I’ve read stories that come out of it. I have heard people talk about it. But go ahead and try and subject yourself to that site and tell me how many stories you read.

La Petite Zine is another respected publication that looks like they put about five minutes of effort into designing their site. Then there’s Slope. I get it, it’s cute. Everything is on an angle. I don’t want to read things that are on an angle. Then you find out that the entire magazine is one really really long page. Hope you don’t have 56k!

It’s time for these editors to either learn some Dreamweaver, or pay someone to make a decent site for them. There is no excuse in 2009 to have a website that looks like that.


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