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The value of hearing your work

How many of you read what you’ve written out loud after you have finished writing it? You would be surprised, that something that sounds okay when your write it, or makes sense in your mind, will sound awkward out loud.

Many time, that is how your reader will comprehend it, awkward. So give it a try, read your story to yourself and see how it sounds, I bet you’ll change something.

For some added fun, here’s a video of Chuck Palahniuk reading an excerpt from one of his books. Chuck’s books are pretty popular with the 20-somethings and his book readings usually draw a decent crowd. Warning, the content is totally NSFW.

2 Responses

  1. Great advice! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Reading your work out loud is the only real way a writer can go over his own work carefully.
    Having already written the piece he’s reviewing, he knows both what he’s written and what it sounds like. Half the time, you end up skimming and filling in the blanks with your mind anyway.
    It also serves a secondary purpose (the first making sure what you write makes sense) in that you can pick out such problems as typos (That a word processor will not pick out, typing that instead of than, for example) and the all too present word that was repeated a few lines prior.

    It also helps you become more valued as a proofreader if you take the time to read aloud, because you can spot what most people skim.

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