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Pif Magazine – is less more?

The next online literary magazine to fall under my scope is “Pif,” another all-in-one like “Hidden City Quarterly” though with a lot more clout and a lot less style.


  • Has been published since 1995 and has a rich archive.
  • Will take pretty much anything as a submission.
  • Content is all on the main page.
  • Hosts Pilot-Search, a literary search engine


  • Front page is ugly
  • Very overwhelming at first. There is no introduction, just an assault of content.
  • Links are confusing and strangely labeled. (masthead and mediakit)
  • Why is Pilot-Search so buried if it’s as good as they claim?

So what we have is a site that is all about substance over style. Way over style. No style can be found at all. At first glance, the website looks like a fake one designed to trick people into looking at ads. What “Pif” really screams for is organization. The front page looks like it should be a different page, maybe one labeled “content.”

The jury is still out on Pilot-Search. It claims to be the largest literary search engine, but then why have I never heard of it? And why is it so hard to find?

The content itself is decent. Nothing particularly wowed me. Everything seems to come from a published writer. What’s interesting is that you have to create an account to see any information about submissions. It seems that Pif wants to be exclusive. In that strive, they are excluding readers as well.

Despite my harsh opinions, “Pif” claims to have a large readership that returns “…12.5 times per month.” Maybe one of you guys will enjoy it more then I did.

Verdict: Pass it. There are many literary magazines online.

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