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Writer’s Block

It affects us all sometimes. Anyone who writes for any means, be it pleasure or work or a creative writing class that fills a general requirement, knows the trouble in overcoming writer’s block. I guess it could be seen as ironic that a blog about fiction writing would be suddenly stopped with a bad stretch of the block. But there are ways to get past it.

Not quite sinister enough.

Not quite sinister enough.

Read for inspiration. Try reading some short stories or maybe a good book. Sometimes great inspiration can come from another. For example, when Eddie Van Halen invented finger tapping after listening to the solo from “Heartbreaker.”

Tackle the block head on. By this I mean, sit down in front of your medium and accept that you have writer’s block. Good, now think about whatever is on your mind lately or current emotions that have been prevelent in your life. Explore them. You might end up creating a masterpiece. Also, give fiction prompts a try. They might not lead to any pieces that you would want to keep but they could get you writing again.

Just leave it alone for a while. There is always the possibility of putting down whatever you’re working on for a while. Sometimes, inspiration takes time. When writing becomes so automatic, does it lose it’s creativity? I have no answer for that, though I think it would make a great discussion break.

That's a better representation.

That's a better representation.

So I definately feel my writer’s block crumbling. I have to admit, this is a way harder topic to writing about then I originally thought it would. I do enjoy this little project, and I’ve gotten some great comments, so I’m glad people appreciate what I’m trying to do here. I think I’m getting all sentimental on you guys. Let’s cut it before the waterworks. Peace in the East.

2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you feel like your writer’s block is crumbling. I look forward to see what you can churn out.

  2. Someone once told me that writer’s block is an excuse for being too lazy/uninspired to write, and encouraged me to do like your “tackle the block head on” tip and just sit down and write whatever you’re feeling or thinking. Something is bound to come out of that that’s worth writing about, for whatever purpose.

    Since then, I get writer’s block much less than I did, or thought I did, before.

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