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Okay, in all fairness this should be called, “Resource for Writers,” but then it just makes this sound like a paid advertisement, which it isn’t, but could be. I accept paypal.

Tonight I bring all of you aspiring writers This is like me as a webpage and without the sarcasm charm. I’m going to focus on the parts of the site that would be most important for us, so don’t yell at me if you see other things up there I didn’t talk about. What I see them as being most useful for is their comprehensive list of literary magazines. newpageslogoorangeblack

Unfortunately, these are not divided into online or print only categories. This means some of the content could be hidden behind a subscription fee.

What I really like, though, is the list of current writing contests. They also have a list of lit mags that are actively looking for content right now. Some plus, some negative but still worth checking out. Good link to have bookmarked.

Best link to have bookmarked? Me fools.

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