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Fiction by Request

Ask and you shall receive. Writing fiction for myself can be a difficult process. I have a bad tendancy to dislike something three or four pages into it. I am currently working on a piece but it’s been taking longer and longer. This go on and on, but anyway here is a story I finished writing about a semester or two ago. I have my issues with it, in fact I don’t even have a title, but I do think this is a decent story.

Maybe you guys can add a title for me. Also, please bring on the criticism. You can only become a better writer by opening yourself up to the criticism of others. Enjoy.

Also, if anyone has any stories of their own they would like to “submit” to my blog I will gladly post them. Having online workshops placed between my posts would be pretty awesome. Pretty awesome indeed.

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  1. That was a pretty bleak ending. I liked it, though.

    Let me challenge you as a writer. Take a look at this passage you wrote:
    “That last bit stayed on my mind for the rest of the day. The parents. How could a parent be to blame?”
    You could leave these sentences as they are, and they might be fine. I’m not going to criticize the fragment because you’re allowed to do that when writing fiction. But my challenge is this: What are some ways you could rewrite this passage, maybe by remixing the sentences or by using different punctuation? I’m not suggesting there’s one “right” way to revise this passage, but their might be several better ways.

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