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Order of the Albany Cycle

I dug around the internet and it turns out that “Ironweed” is in fact the last book of the series. Let this be a lesson for me, and for people reading to always check your facts before you print them. Good thing the teacher for my editing class doesn’t read this, I think that would have been an automatic F.

The worst part is, I wrote an awesome “Star Wars” joke and now I can’t even use it. To make up for it here is a list of 278 lines from “Star Wars” with one word replaced with the word pants.

One last though.

While thinking about my previous post I noticed that two of the books I suggested are parts of series. I wanted to mention that they stand on their own perfectly well. “Ironweed” is the only book I read of the series and it still ranks as my favorite read.

This week I’m going to try and remove a bit of my social life, leave the xbox off and deliver you guys a bunch of high quality reading. Or I’m going to spam a bunch of crap to pad out my post count. Whichever. Keep it classy.

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