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Traveling down the wrong side of the tracks – Hidden City Quarterly

My first literary magazine review comes from a little city close to my own heart. Hidden City Quarterly is a Baltimore based literary and arts online magazine trying to bring about recognition for the older arts in a new media world. The site itself is pretty traditional and clean in layout and concept. Four times a year, they release an issues containing poetry, art and of course fiction.

The site itself tries to read like a magazine, with links at the bottom of the few first pages so that you can “turn” them. For ease of navigation you can also use the tabs at the top. There are no ads and nothing is to spread out, meaning that it will display nicely even on smaller screens.

The reason I bring them to attention is the “theme” of the magazine. They send out an appeal to suburban America, to the hidden artists who have a passion and don’t know where to share it. In a way, Baltimore is a hidden city. Located so close to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, someone has to visit to properly understand our charm. They use that as the building block of their concept to connect the hidden artistic communities of American (and the world – I was informed they received a submission from Australia).

They are an up and coming arts magazine. That means up and coming writers should jump at the opportunity to submit. In my correspondence with current fiction editor (and writer of this issue’s letter from the editor) he informed me that they are trying to expand their fiction section and are looking for more submissions.

This is a nice site that is just starting out and trying to build up some credibility. Give them a read and tell them(and me!) what you think. The next issue is planned for April so get to submitting. I’m going to give it a shot and you should to.


Current issue:

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  1. i think this is a great post, it fits exactly what your blog intends to do, giving local writers a chance…for someone interested in (semi-)publication, this is a great opportunity

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